Synaesthesia   (Equilibrium Record Label 2014)                                        

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      ♦ Accepted as an official first ballot entry for nomination in the 57th Annual Grammy Awards ♦   

     ♦ Global Music Awards 2014 Silver Medal Winner for Best Album and Best Instrumental Performance ♦    




Tango Magnetism    (Equilibrium Record Label 2009)                                 

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    ♦  Global Music Awards 2016 Silver Medal Winner for Best Album and Best Instrumental Performance ♦



Finesse      (Equilibrium Record Label 1999)                                                          

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     ♦ Global Music Awards 2013 Winner - Best in Show ♦ 





Elision Saxophone Quartet



Live Through the Years      (Equilibrium Record Label 2003)                                  

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Guest Artist



Synaesthesia Saxophone Quartet                   

with Texas State University Wind Symphony

(Mark Record Label) Released 2015





Shades by Martin McCain                                  

(Kairoi Music Label) Released 2014




Orisonata by Orisonata                   

(JLG Record Label) Released 2014




Radiant Blues by Charles Booker Jr  

(Mark Record Label) Released 2011


     ♦ Global Music Awards 2013 Winner - Award of Excellence ♦




Astral Vinyl by Stephen Barber         

(Navona Record Label) Released 2011



Serpent Tales and Nightingales by Jennifer Grassman 

(Truth Love Music Label) Released 2010




Dia De Los Muertos by Barbwire Music Project               

(Independent Label) Released 2002




Inside and Out by Monica Wright            

(MRMG Independent Label) Released 2008




United States Air Force Band of the West           

(Mark Record Label) Released 1998




University of Texas Wind Ensemble                

at Carnegie Hall

(Mark Record Label) Released 1999




University of Texas Wind Ensemble                        

at TMEA Convention

(Mark Record Label) Released 1994



Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet



Live in Chicago           

(Mark Record Label) Released 1996




It Might As Well Be Spring      

(HPSQ Independent Label) Released 1994






Tex Sax Saxophone Ensemble



Tex Sax                      

(Mark Record Label) Released 1998















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